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Started: 04.21.2017

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Constitution of the Voltz clan

The Constitution of the Voltz Clan


Session One

Voltz Council

I. The Voltz Council must be comprised of no less than 4 members but not more than 6 from each division and the Viceroy.

II. The Council’s decision on an issue is the highest point of authority in Voltz.

III. The Council has total control over the separate bodies that comprise the Central body of Voltz and any thing under ownership or control of Voltz.

IV. With exception of Rights for the Separate Divisions, the Council has control over all game divisions.

V. The requirement of a Council member will be:

At least sixteen (16) years of age.

Well spoken in English.

Been a member of the Voltz clan for at least four months.

VI. The term of elected Council member’s shall not exceed 13 months and they may serve unlimited, consecutive terms. Once a Councilman has been appointed to the Council, by whatever means the division has mandated, only the Division the Councilman is from can remove him.


VII. By the end of a Councilman’s term, if a replacement hasn’t been appointed or elected, the current Councilman will remain in the position if they so choose.



Session Two

Central Voltz

I. The Central body of Voltz is comprised of: Viceroy, Council, Treasury and any other body or official position the Council finds necessary.

II. The role of Central Voltz is to unite and keep control of the separate divisions.

Session Three


I. The Viceroy is the leader of the Central body of Voltz and the Voltz Council.

II. The Viceroy will hold his position for 13 months.

III. The Viceroy may remove a leader from the position if the leader is going against the Constitution.

IV. The role of the Viceroy is as follows:

Be held accountable, be a speaker and representative for the whole Voltz clan.

Propose ideas to the Council that would benefit Voltz.

Inform all members on a four month time scale of the current state of the Voltz clan.

Ensure the stability and prosperity of the Voltz clan.

V. The Viceroy may serve unlimited, non-consecutive terms.

VI. The requirements for the Viceroy position are:

Be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

Be fluent in English.

Been in Voltz at least twelve (12) months and in an official position for a sum of at least eight (8) months.


Session Four

Game Divisions

I. Each division added to the clan must be a multiplayer online game.

II. Each division must have one leader and at least two co-leaders.

III. The Voltz name must be in the division’s tag if permitted.

IV. Each division will decide how its Council members will be appointed to the Voltz Council.

V. No division leader may simultaneously lead another full division.


Session Five

Rights for the Separate Divisions

I. With exception of obeying the Voltz Constitution, the separate divisions have the right to govern themselves.

II. The divisions have the right to make and enforce their own rules without notifying the Central body of Voltz, provided they don’t contradict this Constitution.

III. A division will not be removed without warning and just cause.

IV. A division may decide what to do with its own members without interference from the Central body.


Session Six

Admission of Divisions

I. If a potential division meets the requirements, the Voltz Council will vote on whether or not to allow it to enter. A Majority vote will win.

II. Upon being admitted, the division will go on a probation period of two months. After this period it will be decided if the potential division has been a success or not. It will then be the Council’s decision if it should be a full division or not.

Session Seven

Removal of Divisions

I. A division may be removed with a 3/4 majority vote by the Council and a majority of all divisions approving.

II. Before the Council votes on the removal, it must notify the division leaders and the Council must make sure there is a just cause for the removal.

III. A just cause would be one of the following:

Extreme disorganization to the point where the division can’t run itself and has shown no improvement upon being asked to improve.

The division has proven to be a cheating division.

Insubordination to the Central body of Voltz or extreme disrespect to other divisions

IV. Re-admission will be allowed if the previous problem has been dealt with and it has been at least two months.


Session Eight

Code of Conduct for Voltz Members

This will apply to Voltz members currently in the clan and those wishing to join

Members have the right to free speech. Voltz members will have that same right, but those who are constantly starting drama or constantly getting into drama will be either removed or denied Voltz membership.

Voltz Members must prove they are mature enough to handle the clan

Having an above average amount of skill for the division you’re trying out for is expected and necessary.

Loyalty to the Voltz clan is necessary.



Session Nine

Removal of Officials

I. An official position would be classified as any of the following:

Viceroy (3/4th vote in favor)

Division Leader

Division Co-Leader


Any other position added to the clan

II. The Voltz Council is allowed to remove any official from their position, except a Voltz Councilman, or from the clan itself if it is felt the said official is going against the Constitution or is abusing their power.




Session Ten


I. All funding necessary by Voltz, divisions or Central body must come from the Treasury.

II. The Treasurer is to be appointed by the Viceroy with approval of the Council.

III. The Treasurer must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age, provide mailing and residential address, picture ID, been in Voltz at least twelve (12) months and in an official position at least seven months. They must also be known throughout the Voltz community.

IV. The Treasurer is the only one who will have access to the funds. It is their job to manage and pay for services the Council deems necessary.

V. Funds that come from Voltz must not be privately used, but only used for the clan.

VI . It is the duty of the Voltz Council to ensure that the treasurer is not exploiting the treasury by stealing funds.

VII. All expenses must be approved by the Council first and one time only unless there is a change in pricing.





Session Eleven

Election of Viceroy

I. Only three (3) Voltz members may run at a time for the Viceroy position

II. If the Viceroy’s term ends before the 13 month term is over, there will be a new election and the winner will serve the remainder of the term.

III. In order to elect a Viceroy, each division shall vote amongst themselves, until such a time as they have elected one of those running, or a time selected by the council. The division, represented by their leader shall then cast a single vote for the nominee that won the election among their own division.


IV. Elections will take place one month before the Viceroy’s term ends.

V. Although this session pertains to Viceroy, any official in the Central body of Voltz that will be elected will follow this mandate.

VI. Elections will start on the 15th day of the month they fall under and will end 48 hours after.

Session Twelve


A member may be removed from an official position if there is no contact from them after two weeks. They may not be removed from the clan due to inactivity by the Voltz Council.


Session Thirteen

Outside Affairs

This will include matters that are taking place outside of the clan

I. No agreement that Voltz enters with another organization or person will override this Constitution. The Voltz clan will always be in control of itself.



Session Fourteen

Revisions to the Constitution

We realize that there may be unseen variables in the future when more game divisions are added and it will be the responsibility of the Voltz Council to handle these in a way that will stay true to the Voltz way.

I. Adding or removing a Global Rule, Member Right or Code of Conduct will be allowed by a 4/5th vote in the Voltz Council.

II. Adding, removing or altering a session or section will be allowed by a 3/4th vote in the Voltz Council.

III. No addition, removal or alteration to any part of this Session may take place without a unanimous decision by the Voltz Council.

IV. When a vote is being cast for a revision of the Constitution, the vote will start of the 15th day of the month and be open for either a 5 day period or until a point where enough votes have been cast that the vote is over by default.

V. If a proposed revision is rejected by the council, four months must pass until it can be proposed again. If a proposed revision is passed, four months must pass before it can be removed.

VI. Any revision to the constitution must be worded in a professional manner.


Session Fifteen

Voltz Code

A Voltz Code will be passed for the purpose of establishing order throughout the Voltz Clan.

I. A Voltz Code needs a majority vote to pass, but must have a ¾ vote to be removed.

II. When a vote is being cast for a new code, the vote will start of the 15th day of the month and be open for either a 5 day period or until a point where enough votes have been cast that the vote is over by default.

III. If a proposed code is rejected by the Council, four months must pass until it can be proposed again. If a proposed code is passed, four months must pass before it can be removed.

IV. Any Voltz Code added must be written in a professional manner.

V. Should there be a tie in the Council, the Viceroy will act as a tiebreaker.

Global Rules

I. People impersonating individuals may be banned from the servers, voice servers and kicked from the clan, but not banned from the forum unless the act was done on the forum.

II. An individual will be permanently banned from the server, but not the forum if they are using hacks, glitches or modifications to gain an unfair advantage over the other clients in the server. If the said individual is in the clan, they will be removed from the clan, as well.

III. Spamming by definition will not be tolerated on our server, websites, voice servers or anything else under the control of Voltz.

IV. If administrator privileges are abused, they will be revoked.




Member Rights and Code of Conduct

The Member Rights and Code of Conduct

apply to both, Game Server and Websites.

Voice servers go by the simple rule:

“If you’re annoying, you will be removed”

“The Following rules apply to any thing that can be posted or read”

Code of Conduct:


No member may knowingly post an image that would violate the “Terms of Service” agreement the Voltz currently holds with the game server or web server.

No member may alter an image of another in a demeaning or other negative way.

No user may post images containing nudity.


It is the responsibility of the member to make sure the new thread or reply they are posting is being done in the appropriate forum.

No member is allowed to “Triple Post” which means posting more than twice in a row anywhere on the forum or wherever applicable.

Although members have the right to free speech, posts that are off topic could be considered spam and therefore deleted.

Voltz reserves the right to remove or edit posts at a moderator's discretion, providing the post or part of the post is considered by the moderator to be off topic, harassment, spam, breaking Voltz rules or posted for the sole purpose of starting drama.

Member Rights

No thread, post or shout may be altered or deleted without the user’s permission, unless it is in violation of one of our rules.

Private Messages will not be read by anyone except the sender and receiver, unless permission is gained from the original sender.

Members have the right to not be harassed directly by another member, but it is their responsibility to bring it to an admin’s attention.

Members have the right to free speech and to start threads or topics regarding any subject and reply to them, assuming rules aren’t being broken.

There will be no word filter or consequences for using curse words.



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31-12-2017 07:32
Red Faction Videos: https://www.bitch.

27-02-2017 00:39
Homies, someone just make a Discord, wouldn't mind catching up with anyone. 7 years ago was when I played RF. Anyone still playing it ?

29-12-2016 20:57
Guys plz come back ingame like we used to :/ Don't even care about the past, just whenever you can, we'll catch up anyhow. Or on Skype over at RF After Hours group. Then we can talk Smile

26-12-2016 05:44

14-12-2016 12:47
Just passing through!

31-07-2016 19:05

09-07-2016 00:34
Didn't think there would be still alive anyone here after all these years but hey nonetheless, Cupid. Whats going on?

04-07-2016 07:52

17-06-2016 00:45
Peek-a-boo! :3

14-02-2016 10:01
hey dude, i know its been like 6 months. But I had no idea what my old account was, since i made it years ago. Still sick seeing people here!

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