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Started: 04.21.2017

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Many new things
NewsThere have been many changes to Voltz in the past two weeks.

First: We have two new recruiters. Bouch and Mario. Priceless has been removed from the position for inactivity.

There is a new rule in the Code of Conduct section that has been approved by the council.

"Voltz reserves the right to remove or edit posts at a moderator's discretion, providing the post or part of the post is considered by the moderator to be off topic, harassment, spam, breaking Voltz rules or posted for the sole purpose of starting drama."
New Leadership
NewsEffective immediately Pyro is the new leader of the Red Faction Division. I (Cupid) will be demoted to a co-leader position.

To those of you who don't know the difference between between co-leader and leaders in the Voltz clan, both have the same power really.. but if there is a disagreement, The Leader has the final say.

Congratulations, Pyro! Do a good job. I know you will.

I am still Viceroy in the Central body of Voltz..
Rcon voting
NewsKeep in mind that the rcon voting system was never a right for the forum members... It's just something that we used to help us decide who gets rcon and who doesn't.

People then started to think that we had let rcon holders vote on who gets rcon.

From here on out.. Voltz members' rcon requests will not be voted on. All they need to do is request rcon and then if a leader or co-leader approves it, they will have rcon.

All regular members who want rcon will still have to wait for the voting process.
Welcome, Aztek!
MembersMany people here know Aztek from the Lost Souls clan..

Quite a few of Lost Souls' old members have had the qualities to make it into Voltz.

I am very happy to say that Aztek has been the most recent addition to the Voltz clan.

I'd like to be the first to welcome him into the clan.

Welcome, Aztek!! Hope you enjoy Voltz.
Blackjack removed.
MembersWith undisclosed sources, Blackjack has been found using cheats of some sort.
I don't know exactly what cheats, but I have been given proof that he was connected to a player using cheats VIA matching IP's.

Thus, he's being removed from the voltz clan. We don't allow cheaters in here, so, say goodbye, Blackjack.
Removal of SeeLkaDooM
MembersDue to some obvious drama starting. We have decided to remove SeeLkaDooM from our clan.

We don't want our members going around starting pointless drama with other players. Seel made comments about other players in the RF community. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. There is, however, a line between your own thoughts and starting drama. Since he was a member, he represented Voltz as a clan. We don't want people thinking all of our members are like that, so we decided it would be best to just kick him altogether.
Look out!
MembersOnce again i am posting about another Voltz member joining. BooR!
With BooR on our team now, in my eyes the clan has never looked stronger.
You will be seeing more indestructable Voltz in the future.
Enjoy your stay BooR! Make him feel welcome :)
Experience boost
MembersAnother member has joined the Voltz clan. Easy on me! Easy on me is a player whos been playing the game for over a few years now. I remember him way back around 2005! He has been in some great clans and gained alot of experience. Please make him feel welcome!
Voltz Continues To Grow
MembersI would like to announce our new Voltz member - BlackJack.
BlackJack is a fair, competetive and i believe will be a loyal member of Voltz.
His skills are beyond amazing and I look forward to seeing him top the score board in our server.

I'd like to once again announce another member to the Voltz clan.
Mario is a quality, fair and has great sportmanship. His aim is also unbelieveable.
I am glad both of you guys are now apart of us.

Please Welcome BlackJack and Mario to Voltz!!


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31-12-2017 07:32
Red Faction Videos: https://www.bitch.

27-02-2017 00:39
Homies, someone just make a Discord, wouldn't mind catching up with anyone. 7 years ago was when I played RF. Anyone still playing it ?

29-12-2016 20:57
Guys plz come back ingame like we used to :/ Don't even care about the past, just whenever you can, we'll catch up anyhow. Or on Skype over at RF After Hours group. Then we can talk Smile

26-12-2016 05:44

14-12-2016 12:47
Just passing through!

31-07-2016 19:05

09-07-2016 00:34
Didn't think there would be still alive anyone here after all these years but hey nonetheless, Cupid. Whats going on?

04-07-2016 07:52

17-06-2016 00:45
Peek-a-boo! :3

14-02-2016 10:01
hey dude, i know its been like 6 months. But I had no idea what my old account was, since i made it years ago. Still sick seeing people here!

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