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Started: 04.21.2017

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F-ed up
NewsSorry guys.. Looks like you'll have to re-upload your avatars again! I kinda sorta deleted the database to Voltz and when we restored it with the backup. Some things, thought not extremely important, don't work.

You can all thank PyRo for coming to the rescue and fixing my mess!

NetworkWe're trying to get an IRC(Internet Relay Chat) server running so that we can all go n and chat with each other. Only problem is it costs money. When I start working I plan on getting one but we need your help to keep it running! Donate to keep our servers running!

NewsOk. I have a job interview coming up. If I get this job I'm thinking about coming up with a cool voltz design to put on a T-shirt. Perhaps take it to a T-shirt place and get 4-5 made-up. One for Cupid and Myself. Other three will be put up for sale, price depends on how much I pay to have them made.
Also, if you donate 10+ you'll get a free t-shirt(when we have them).
All of this is assuming you guys would buy them?

Also, we need donations to keep our servers running. So be sure to donate :). Thanks.
New Server
NetworkVoltz now has a real dedicated server. That's right. No more crappy PC's running server on DSL or Cable. Server will never be down. 24/7

The server's name is "Voltz Capture the Flag" and of course same rules apply. Freedom of speech.

Pings run around 40-80 for most players

Voltz would like to thank Lucky Frag, Inc. for hosting our servers and a very reasonable price.

Enjoy the game!
MembersI'd like to welcome BSOD to the Voltz team! He's a good friend of mine in real life. We go shooting a lot.

For playing Red Faction just under a week; he's not that bad at all.

I expect everyone will welcome him just as they were welcomed when they first joined.
New Member
MembersHey everyone. I'd like to welcome Dark to the team. Former DZ member and good buddy of mine.

Also instead of running a voltz server, I run 4 of my own instead. PyRo's Deathmatch, PyRo's Team Deathmatch, PyRo's Capture the flag, and PyRo's 1v1, All rcon passwords are in the rcon section. Same rules apply to my servers as voltz, Modders get banned!
CTF Server?
NetworkOk, Cupid helped me setup a server. However not working since I'm on a wireless router which is not mine. (I steal my neighbor's wifi :D!) So cupid, being the nice guy he is, Sent me a 100ft. Ethernet cord to run down to my own router. Thus giving me 100% control of the router. So I should be able to have a CTF server running for voltz within the next for weeks or so.

Also we need some recruiters, I believe SiKiK is one of our recruiters at the moment. I'll start a new topic for recruiter nominees and have tryouts for recruiters. So be sure to check that out :).
New Members
MembersI would like to welcome XtaC, Megatron, and SiKiK to the Voltz family! I hope you guys enjoy is as much as the rest of us. This is only the beginning.

Learn how to access your Voltz e-mail in the members forum.

New site
NewsSorry guys!! Looks like you will all need to re register..

Pyro and I have made a new site. Hopefully it will give us a professional look. The CS:S section will be coming soon.

Give us a break. We are still getting all the info up. The Red Faction site, which is the one you're on right now, will be fully complete by Monday.

Enjoy! Fill our forums up!


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31-12-2017 07:32
Red Faction Videos: https://www.bitch.

27-02-2017 00:39
Homies, someone just make a Discord, wouldn't mind catching up with anyone. 7 years ago was when I played RF. Anyone still playing it ?

29-12-2016 20:57
Guys plz come back ingame like we used to :/ Don't even care about the past, just whenever you can, we'll catch up anyhow. Or on Skype over at RF After Hours group. Then we can talk Smile

26-12-2016 05:44

14-12-2016 12:47
Just passing through!

31-07-2016 19:05

09-07-2016 00:34
Didn't think there would be still alive anyone here after all these years but hey nonetheless, Cupid. Whats going on?

04-07-2016 07:52

17-06-2016 00:45
Peek-a-boo! :3

14-02-2016 10:01
hey dude, i know its been like 6 months. But I had no idea what my old account was, since i made it years ago. Still sick seeing people here!

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