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Started: 04.21.2017

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Voltz on teamspeak

I'm proud to announce that we now have a teamspeak server, that's right, teamspeak server, WOO.

If you have teamspeak and a mic, join us. The server is just

Come chat with us!
Voltz Capture the flag Server
NetworkThe Voltz Capture the Flag server will be down for a few days.

We're changing the hosting of it. The pings will be the exact same and so will the server.

Please make a comment on this news article if you have any suggestions.
LCF and Sleipnar make co-leader!
MembersI am very please to say that LCF and Sleipnar are now the two co-leaders that Voltz needs.

Show them proper respect.

Good job, Sleiprnar and LCF!
New Member.

I'd (not really) like to welcome our newest member, As I Lay Dying. He's my brother. While Cupid was up here visiting, we gave him a tryout. Even though he isn't very good now, he use to dominate with me back in the day.

Some of you may know him as Punisher or Pilsbury. He had a few other names, but I can't remember them, lol.

Anyways, give him a nice big "fuck you" welcoming to the clan.
Rcon Request Voting
SecurityWe are now accepting requests for rcon again finally.

We are starting something new, though.

All current rcon holders will be able to vote on the person requesting. When you go into the forum titled "Voltz rcon" which is viewable to only rcon holders, you'll see a sticky topic with the person's name. Click it and vote.

Votes are anonymous.

Have fun.
MembersI would like to welcome Rikale to the Voltz family. She's from Idaho. She will be practing every day. So go easy on her at first.

Welcome, Rikale!!!
New buttons
ModsWooo, I made some sexy buttons! They go with this theme, and any other theme really.
Hope you like them, :}.
New theme
ThemesWoooo. We finally have a new theme.
I spent a few hours workin on it for the "One Year" birthday of voltz. Figured it was time for a new one, lol.
Voltz CTF
NewsAll rcon holders please check your PM's.

Thank you


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31-12-2017 07:32
Red Faction Videos: https://www.bitch.

27-02-2017 00:39
Homies, someone just make a Discord, wouldn't mind catching up with anyone. 7 years ago was when I played RF. Anyone still playing it ?

29-12-2016 20:57
Guys plz come back ingame like we used to :/ Don't even care about the past, just whenever you can, we'll catch up anyhow. Or on Skype over at RF After Hours group. Then we can talk Smile

26-12-2016 05:44

14-12-2016 12:47
Just passing through!

31-07-2016 19:05

09-07-2016 00:34
Didn't think there would be still alive anyone here after all these years but hey nonetheless, Cupid. Whats going on?

04-07-2016 07:52

17-06-2016 00:45
Peek-a-boo! :3

14-02-2016 10:01
hey dude, i know its been like 6 months. But I had no idea what my old account was, since i made it years ago. Still sick seeing people here!

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